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February 12
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Crystal Warrior Full OC [CLOSED] by JxW-SpiralofChaos Crystal Warrior Full OC [CLOSED] by JxW-SpiralofChaos
This is me getting serious XD

I am so in love with this that I do hope that I could find someone to take her home :)
The writing on the sword is an ancient language and the detail on her clothing reflect the shimmery of the crystal ^^ 

The reason why such a high price is whoever pays for it, I will provide my services as a designer to make sure this is the PERFECT OC for you. Alternations with colors, removing certain parts and adding stuff; I will not rest till you fall in love with this OC and make it a part of yourself :heart:

So please, only SERIOUS biding her please; as this is for something special X3


Offer to adopt

Ok. So it seems everyone does like the idea of bad ass women with swords. However with no bidders and seeing very little people looking at them now, it seems I may have to compromise. So for these adopts only and the fact that I really wants these girls to have a good home, I have come to except offers.

The things you can offer are;

:bulletblue: Points
:bulletblue: Money ($)
:bulletblue:Custom Commissions
:bulletblue: Commission of my OCs

The things I don’t want offers from are;

:bulletred: Favs
:bulletred: Watches
:bulletred: Llamas
:bulletred: Comments

The deadline for me to decide the best offer; will be FRIDAY 21ST FEBUARARY AT 3.00pm or 1500 HOURS

You will still receive the un-watermarked version and to the same offer to make sure this OC is perfect for you :heart:

Design (c) JXW-SOC

EDIT: WINNING OFFER :iconartistic-devil:


Bullet; Blue Place your bid on the comment part of this deviant. Please be clear on how much you’re bidding!
Bullet; Blue You can’t withdraw your bid, so make sure you really want to adopt this . 
Bullet; Blue The highest bid will have 48 hours to make their payment, otherwise it will go to the second highest bidding. 
Bullet; Blue Don’t steal/trace or copy my adopts. Thank you~
Bullet; Blue After winning the auction you can post the received image to your gallery. 
Bullet; Blue After winning the auction you have all the rights to re-design the character however you’d like. (give it a name, rp with it, make up some background story, go crazy!) 
Bullet; Blue Please credit me for the original design. 
Bullet; Blue You can gift or trade it (but don’t resell.) 

Happy Purchasing!!!
Design (c) JXW
JxW-SpiralofChaos Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Artistic-Devil Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
30:points: and two custom commissions/plain commission? 
JxW-SpiralofChaos Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Cool :)
I'll put you as highest offer X3
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